Make up life inspired collection!


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes and on-set?


Well… we are giving you an insight and some detz on what goes on with our

“on-set”  inspired collection


These were some of our favs...

Check out this other terminology, it will do wonders if you’re just getting started as an on-set make up artist or if you just wanna drop some lyrics, either way you are now an insider…


Enjoy xxx




  • Finals or final touches - See last looks above.
  • Speed - The cameras are on, you’ll hear “rolling” right after.  Never step in to do touch-ups after you hear “speed.”
  • What's your ETA? - "When the hell are you going to be done? (THATS WHAT IT REALLY MEANS)Talent has been in your chair over 5 minutes!" Usually when this question is asked it’s because they want you to hurry up.  The best thing to ask is “when do you need her, or him?”  Just try to get what they need done!
  • Dailies - Whatever was shot that day (film, video), usually used when doing TV and film
  • On location - Anywhere not in the studio. Could be a house, a beach, the desert, the park, etc.
  • It's a wrap! - The shooting is completely over for this project.
  • One last time - NEVER means one last time - Probably like 10 more times